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Welcome to CICA

Create just what you need for your accredited degree. Choose your courses, or choose the professors who will accredit the courses you have taken.

Peer Reviewed Courses and Degrees

The first and only in the world. It is a game changer.

CICA team

Who are we?

The Cambridge Institute of Communication Arts offers online top-tier education in social media entrepreneurship, media production, and UI/UX web and mobile design.

CICA leverages the strength of the decentralized blockchain database to offer certificates and degrees, instant access to records, and global course certification - A GAME CHANGER in the world of massive online courses.

CICA Protocol and the CICA represent a collaboration of experts from the world’s foremost universities and blockchain entrepreneurs. CICA is a U.S. based company with consultants technical teams in Singapore, Hong Kong, and India.

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The New Educational Landscape

The beauty of the blockchain’s strength in secure data management offers wide ranging applications for institutions of higher learning. At CICA, we strongly believe the future of education is in verifiable degrees and certificates on the blockchain. With our blockchain certifications and the CICA Protocol, we're creating a new universal standard of assessment for the modern educational landscape.

Cutting Edge Curriculum.

Modern Courses

At CICA, we offer highly specialized social media, digital design, and communications certifications and degrees to prepare students for competitive jobs in the global media and communications markets.

Certified by International Renowned Community for Rigor.

Powerful Peer Review Protocol

The academic faculty come from world renowned universities and they certify academic rigor, making sure the courses are up to par with the ones they teach in their own universities.

Vetted by Industry for Relevance

Reliable Industry Opinion and Feedback

Industry experts verify that courses evaluated under the CICA Protocol provide real-world application and relevant skills.

The CICA Protocol

CICA Protocol establishes a process of peer-review by a network of academic experts and business professionals.

Any tertiary level course can be submitted for evaluation whether its a massive online course (MOOC) or a traditional brick and mortar course and all the data is stored on the blockchain.

Easy to Understand & Adopt.

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